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Hundreds of people have transformed their lives with the help of the "Learn Reiki from Home" Certification Study Course, Reiki, Shamanic practices, and/or working
with Teri Williams. Below are just a handful of those we celebrate here!  Create your own success story with the Learn Reiki from Home study course!

“The one thing I can say for sure is that after reading the material offered in the Learn Reiki from Home course, self-attuning and practicing I am experiencing less stress, which means my overall health has improved immensely!.”

/// Shanna, ME

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"Teri Williams is a warm and captivating meta-physician. Her accuracy was stunning and insightful which assisted me to release energetic encumbrances that no longer fit my life. Her demeanor is very professional yet caring, which fosters an immediate trust in her. If you are searching to know, meet with Teri and explore your "possibilities."

/// Alexx, CO

I have worked with  Teri for the last few years doing shamanic reiki sessions.  She has helped me with a variety of symptoms both physical and emotional.  She is right on at getting to the core of the issue and facilitating your bodies healing. She is warm, loving, intuitive and has a huge heart."

The minute I lay on her table I feel all of that radiating from her hands and feel safe to do my work.  The sessions are deep and powerful both in person and via distant healing.  I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me.   I also wanted to mention that I learned Reiki from her online program and it was easy to learn and follow.  I use it all the time on myself and my children.

/// Michelle, MI (

“What began as an experiment, filled with skepticism has turned into a rewarding experience that has transformed my life.  I have never felt better than I do now since incorporating the information from the course into my life.  It even works on my dog!  Who knew.....”

/// George, VA

"Teri is an insightful and sensitive healer.  Her style of healing is gentle, straight forward and never lets you forget how much you are loved.  I've known Teri for many years now and she's always an inspiration to me. Her willingness to love, forgive and approach life with compassion and bliss is not only how she heals, it's how she lives."

All of these people have
changed their lives working with the holistic therapies suggested in the Learn Reiki from Home Course and/or working with Teri Williams

And start living a richer, more lively life TODAY!

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